360⁰ Support

At DSMA, our commitment to excellence goes beyond traditional M&A services. We take pride in offering a comprehensive 360-degree support system that ensures our clients receive unparalleled assistance at every step of their journey.

From expert advice on strategic planning to meticulous financial analysis, legal guidance, and effective marketing strategies – our dedicated departments work collaboratively to provide holistic support. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of a dealership acquisition or planning a strategic exit, DSMA’s integrated approach guarantees that you have a seasoned team by your side, ensuring success and maximizing value in every facet of the process.

With us, it’s not just a transaction; it’s a partnership built on trust and a shared commitment to achieving your dealership goals.

DSMA has been involved in transactions equating over $6 billion dollars. We believe our catered approach to valuations make a significant impact in helping clients buy, sell, or simply value their business for estate planning.


DSMA’s highly experienced mergers and acquisition specialists advise and support their clients through the entire buy/sell process, from initial valuation to OEM approval. Unique in the industry, DSMA’s expertise is demonstrated through its efficient in-house support team, its first class in-house support team, including valuation and marketing experts.


We have extensive experience working with dealers to create a solid exit strategy, and addressing family dynamics, manufacturer constraints and other important issues. As changes occur, we recommend plan refinements to ensure our client’s goals and vision are in alignment.


DSMA’s mergers and acquisitions advisors have experience at OEM and retail levels across a wide range of industry sectors, meaning DSMA supports business owners across the Automotive, Motorcycle, Trucking, Agriculture, Marine and Heavy Industry industries.

DSMA’s associates have in-depth knowledge of your industry and are locally-based, ensuring they fully understand your marketplace.

Industry-leading global buyer lists Data is the key to a swift and successful business sale or acquisition, and DSMA has an unmatched database made up of diversified, registered buyers.
In today’s world of shrinking global markets and growing dealer groups, it is essential that you partner with a firm that has the reach and experience to bring you the right buyer, from any location.
Appointment of new open points Manufacturers with “open points” to add to their franchise network frequently hire DSMA to identify the most highly-qualified prospective dealers.
DSMA additionally supports dealers with their open point applications, leveraging our expertise and industry contacts to to maximize a dealer’s success rate.


Get your LOI right first time with DSMA’s Submit an Offer package.
Submit an Offer Package includes:
The ‘Submit an Offer’ package provides an efficient, accurate, and affordable toolkit to help you and your organization submit a formal Letter of Intent (“LOI”) for a desired acquisition. The Letter of Intent, in a M&A context, is a written, non-binding document which outlines an agreement in principle for the buyer to purchase the seller’s business, stating the proposed price and terms. Besides detailing the price and payment terms of the transaction, the LOI provides the opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of the definitive purchase agreement. The value of a well-drafted LOI cannot be understated. A well-drafted LOI will not only increase the likelihood of having your offer accepted, but will also reduce the delays caused by parties having to negotiate and redefine terms. DSMA will help you submit an offer, making sure your LOI is right the first time.


Merger and Acquisition transactions are complex processes, often involving hundreds of corporate documents. The Due Diligence processes in commercial M&A refer to the investigation, audit, or review of these corporate documents to confirm all the relevant details of the transaction are under consideration. Most often, this investigation is performed through an examination of financial records and important legal documents. Although the Due Diligence process may be complicated, it can often be simplified and expedited through document review services.

The Document Review Services offered by DSMA summarize, highlight, and present information in an organized and accessible manner to the relevant stakeholders. This saves the purchaser time, money, and stress and ensures you are keyed into the facts you need to know.
Save time, money and stress with DSMA’s document services.
Our team of experts will review and summarize key elements of transactional documents such as:


Cross the finish line with DSMA’s Purchase Agreement Services.
Purchase Agreement services includes:
A Purchase Agreement is the definitive contract which articulates the terms and conditions agreed upon between the buyer and seller in an M&A transaction. The definitive agreement can take the form of a merger agreement, share, or asset purchase agreement. All forms of this definitive agreement will contain the defining terms of the transaction including consideration, execution provisions, warranties, covenants, and conditions to closing. As such, it is vital for both buyers and sellers to ensure they have an experienced team overseeing the completion of this often complex and heavily-negotiated document. DSMA will help you get across the finish line with our expert Purchase Agreement services.

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