A Time for Resilience and Reconstruction

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve woken up early and gone through the same routine as I get ready for another day working from my home office. I am lucky because I have the option to work from home and so many others do not.  Typically, my thoughts shift to the business owners, dealership owners, friends, colleagues and clients who are all going through so much change and uncertainty that I end up asking myself the same question… “What can I do to make this situation better?”

For me, it’s starts with a determination to be resilient and a certainty that after the health crisis has past, I will be able to reconstruct my work and life in a better, more efficient way than before.  During this time of extreme difficulties, resilience is key.

Resilience, noun


Psychological phenomenon which consists, for an individual affected by a trauma, to take note of the traumatic event so as not to, or no longer, live in misfortune and to rebuild in a socially acceptable way.

Dealer Principals and company CEO’s have made decisions in the last two weeks that they never thought they would have to make.  Closing your businesses, laying off your employees, must have been the hardest things you have done in your life.  But what is done is done.  You have proven that you are all LEADERS and now the future rests on your shoulders.

The definition of the word resilience ends with the word “rebuild”.  Before looking for the dictionary definition, I had already entered the title of my article, A time of resilience and reconstruction!

What is reconstruction?  Among other things, it is about restoring something to its original state. I prefer, to imagine something differently, usually in a questionable way.

I understand that this is a VERY difficult time for everyone.

However, it is during setbacks that you must be strong.

We must roll up our sleeves, be proactive and ready when we resume, little by little, normal life. So, take advantage of this moment to think about the future.

Often in my career you have told me over the phone, “Unfortunately, I don’t have time… to take the time.” But now, you can take the time!

Rethink everything about your business, including improving each of your departments. Be proactive. Gather (remotely… ????) your managers / directors of departments so that they can, in turn, consult their employees to generate the best possible ideas on restarting your business, on finding efficiencies, on new solutions to past problems.

Use applications like ZOOM or Join.me, or another program, to get together as a team to brainstorm.

You will come out of this situation as WINNERS!  We will ALL come out as winners: employees, customers and owners!

Would you like to chat?  I’m here for you.  Call me!

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