Our Application Assistance Packages (AAP), Dealer Profile Packages (DPP) and Open Point Packages (OPP) are highly curated, customized presentation packages which outline a potential buyer’s profile to an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The objective is to maximize the opportunity to present you as the most qualified buyer to the OEM, leveraging our expertise to support your success. 


The Dealer Profile Package caters to candidates seeking the acquisition of an existing dealership which is currently available on the market and includes everything from the Application Assistance Package, plus a curated presentation package tailored to the applicant and the brands being acquired.


The Open Point Package is intended for candidates interested in applying to open dealership locations in new OEM markets. The OPP encompasses both the presentation package and all necessary documentation for the application, such as legal and financial appendices. When provided, these additional components will assist in substantiating your presentation: intended site, store designs, demographic studies, and much more. This will help you cross the finish line in this highly competitive process. 


The Application Assistance Package caters to candidates seeking the acquisition of an existing dealership which is currently available on the market and includes DSMA’s assistance in compiling and submission of the OEM’s application package.  This also includes the assistance of DSMA’s team of CPAs in developing the sales and profit forecast and pro forma balance sheet.

John Hill
John Hill


OEMs are more discerning than in past years, and whether you are applying as a buyer or an open point candidate, your presentation will be the deciding factor between approval and rejection. With the support of DSMA’s team at every step of the process, from the initial introduction through the OEM application process, your chances of gaining approval or being granted an open point are greatly enhanced.


I recently had the pleasure of working with DSMA on a new dealership location acquisition project and I could not be more impressed. As we look to expand our group, we needed help applying for a new open point. DSMA handled our original equipment manufacturer application from beginning to end by creating an Open Point Presentation Package and assisting us with the required documentation for this competitive process.

The Senior Marketing Specialist and the Marketing Specialist also stood out thanks to their meticulous attention to understanding our needs and ensured an effective representation of our company to the OEM, leaving no detail overlooked.

The team created the package in a short window of time, managing to organize and schedule meetings around the clock until we were completely satisfied with the final product. DSMA’s best-in-class service did not stop at sales and marketing, as the extensive Open Point Package also included a detailed pro forma analysis of our business. 

I cannot say enough great things about DSMA, and we look forward to working together again very soon.”

Finley Ewing IV
Vice-President of Ewing Automotive Group

My team and I are thrilled with the acquisition of Sutherlin Volkswagen Lithia Springs! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Schlicht and the entire support team at DSMA for a seamless purchasing experience: from the legal paperwork, to finding us our perfect opportunity and getting us approved by the OEM – they were there every step of the way.

Before being referred to DSMA, I spent almost 3 years calling dealers personally and trying to find ways to support the growth of our group. Once we started working with Rob, we understood a Buyer’s Agreement and the creation of a Dealer Profile Package were the way to go. Within only 3 months, DSMA found us 2 excellent opportunities to apply for! Once under contract, their team not only got us to the closing table in under 5 months, but they also assisted us in the Manufacturer approval process, for which they built an extensive profile package of our group and our team, paired with a detailed pro forma analysis of our business. This submission helped us get known by a manufacturer that was not already familiar with us.  

DSMA was an integral part of us finding the next store to help expand our group, and we look forward to doing business together again when we wish to grow some more.”

Jeremy Jimenez
COO of Hoover Automotive Group

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