Andy Church – DSMA

Andy Church

Andy has spent the last 20 years working within Senior Roles in the Automotive Industry from CEO to “20 Group Moderator”. Andy has become a recognized thought leader in the industry and a featured speaker at NADA, Digital Dealer, Driving Sales, IDS, as well as a contributor to CBT News, Fixed Ops Magazine, Auto World, and Automotive News. Andy’s passion is working with Dealers to drive their success. He has worked with Dealers in all areas of improving their Dealership’s value through Profitability, operations, financial training, and business planning. Andy joins DSMA to focus on assisting Dealers looking to maximize the Return on their Dealership asset and those Dealers looking to expand and acquire additional stores.

Acquisition Opportunities

ID# 186 Location: USA Mid-West

ID# 427 Location: USA North East

ID# 426 Location: USA North East

ID# 425 Location: USA North East

Pending Opportunities

ID# 369 Location: USA South West

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