Blaine MacKenzie – DSMA
Canada West

Blaine MacKenzie

Blaine Mackenzie has built a diverse foundation of clients within his 40 years’ experience working in the transportation industry. Blaine understands commercial transportation and equipment businesses from their development and manufacturing stages into their operational and corporate retail aspects. He has established key relationships within the forestry, construction, mining, and commercial fleet and equipment businesses across Canada and global competitors. His area of expertise includes strategic planning, adaptability, relationship integration and competitive results. Throughout his career, Blaine has owned and managed commercial and retail franchises within the tire industry in both operations and corporate levels. He is also a community leader with representation on the B.C. Road Builders and Construction Association and Northern Interior Forestry Association to name a few. Blaine is known for keeping connected with established relationships, 24/7 availability, and as a skilled coach with his client’s best interests at heart.

Acquisition Opportunities

ID #405 Location: Canada West

ID# 397 Location: Canada West

ID# 352 Location: Canada West

ID# 377 Location: Canada West

ID# 353 Location: Canada West

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