Elton Wetteland

Mergers and Acquisitions Associate, Automotive

Elton Wetteland successfully worked his way up through the retail automotive business for the last 42 years from F&I Manager to Dealer Principal, and also running multiple store groups in the Florida Market. Elton attended the University of Central Florida and graduated from GMI’s Dealer Academy as “Top Student”. Today, Elton excels at financial statement analysis and has a great ability to relate this knowledge to others in a very understandable way. This in-depth industry knowledge and experience has given Elton a unique ability to negotiate Buy/Sell transactions which he has already put into action while running his own Buy/Sell brokerage for the last two years.

Elton now joins DSMA to pursue his passion in the automotive business of brokering and consulting on dealership Buy/Sells, while being fully supported by DSMA’s in-house team of professionals.

“I’m excited to join forces with the team at DSMA, the incredible staff will only serve to fill the gaps and better accommodate the dealers’ needs. I’m also confident this new alliance will enable me to expand our presence in the Florida market”.

– Elton Wetteland