Jeff Renaud – DSMA
Canada West

Jeff Renaud

Prior to joining DSMA, Jeff has spent over 10 years working in the automotive industry in Western Canada. Known for being a hard-working, dynamic consultant and manager that brings value to every conversation.
After graduating Georgian College with a Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Automotive Management, Jeff began his career with General Motors as a District Sales Manager in Saskatoon, SK. Jeff continued to work for GM for several years holding retail and manufacturing roles. Jeff has also worked for Toyota Canada and had the opportunity to rebuild a struggling Kia dealership.
The success Jeff has experienced throughout his career, can be attributed to his tireless work ethic, his willingness to adapt to any situation, and the ability to efficiently analyze a situation and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.
Outside of work, Jeff enjoys living an outdoor lifestyle including skiing, mountain biking, surfing, golfing and camping with his girlfriend and dog. Jeff is “car guy at heart” and has built a number of fast cars.

Acquisition Opportunities

ID# 407 Location: Canada West

Pending Opportunities

ID# 406 Location: Canada West

Completed Transactions

Murray Chrysler Strathmore Sales Location: Canada West

Honda Magic Location: Canada West

Spruceland Ford Location: Canada West

North Battleford Hyundai Location: Canada West

Southland Kia Location: Canada West

Denham GMC Location: Canada West

Steinbach Dodge Location: Canada West

KIA City Location: Canada West

Big Rock Chrysler Location: Canada West

Crystal Chrysler Location: Canada West

Carstairs Ford Location: Canada West

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