Kevin Leslie

Principal M&A Executive

Canada Atlantic Kevin Leslie is a seasoned automotive professional renowned for his strategic portfolio managements skills in the automotive industry. With a focus on both large dealer groups and independent dealers, Kevin specializes in executing tailored acquisition and exit plans for his clients, helping with their growth or retirement goals. His expertise and deep knowledge of the M&A process allows him to guide them through every step of the way, from the initial introduction and evaluation, to overseeing the final deal at the closing table. Kevin started his automotive career with GMAC, where he conducted wholesale and lease audits for GM. Armed with an education in Advertising and Marketing Communications Management, his trajectory led him to Nissan Canada Finance, followed by roles in Sales and Operations with Nissan Canada. Transitioning into automotive retail, Kevin gained invaluable insights which brought him a holistic understanding of both the OEM side and the dealer's perspective. During his notable 12-year tenure at Nissan Canada, Kevin played a pivotal role in the opening of four Nissan stores across Atlantic Canada within a brief two-year period. With a career spanning over 21 years in the automotive world, Kevin's success is rooted in values of respect, integrity, and a firm belief in the power of a good, solid handshake. Today, Kevin leverages his wealth of experience to advise automotive dealers on the sale of their dealerships and the expansion of their dealership portfolios.

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