Linda Barnette

M&A Associate

USA Northeast Linda Barnette is an entrepreneur and automotive insider who built one of the largest automotive design and construction portfolios nationally across all brands utilizing the Fifth Gear Sales method, a company she founded.

Linda’s sales acumen coupled with her in- depth knowledge of the auto industry allows her to “reach the unreachable” within the automotive industry and she has proudly developed strong relationships with most of the top 125 dealer groups in the United States.

With the help of these influential relationships, Barnette was able to hone her skills as a “rain maker”; that is, one who cultivates, negotiates, and closes deals. Her ability to structure and complete transactions in Automotive Mergers & Acquisitions space is attributed to the strong meaningful dealer relationships she maintains and her sincere care and concern for owners and their families to receive the highest value for their life’s work. She understands deal chemistry and what matters most to dealer principals.

As a real estate professional Linda has helped dealers with automotive site selection, CapEx projects from design construction, parking solutions, carwash, and FF&E.

From her work running a government agency process and distribution plant with 1,200 employees, including responsibility for logistics, budget, and engineering to her work with AutoBuilders, a nationwide dealership construction firm, Ms. Barnette has a breadth of experience that allows her to make connections and have insights of high value for her clients in the auto industry.

She also is the founder of the Automotive Strategic Roundtable Forum, which holds intimate networking events that bring together high-level industry executives with complimentary experience and interests.

Linda’s wealth of knowledge and ability to go above and beyond for her clients makes her the consummate professional and a popular speaker at national automotive conferences.

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