Theodore Simon

Junior Data Engineer

Theodore Simon is an applied mathematics engineer specialized in data science. He is doing a master’s degree in computer science at the Université de Sherbrooke, where he also worked as a research student in the time series research laboratory. As an engineer in applied mathematics, he studied at the École Polytechnique Universitaire de l’université Clermont-Auvergne, where he was elected as a full student representative to the Polytech governance board and was vice-president of the student association.

Theodore has a varied professional background. He worked as a data scientist at the DataLab of Maif in France, where he managed large amounts of complex textual data and developed chatbots. He also worked as CTO of an EdTech start-up, where he developed a website and chat-bot for teenage career guidance.

At DSMA, Theodore holds a position as a Business Intelligence Intern. He provides strategic insights and analysis to help make critical business decisions and operates in a highly flexible and dynamic environment. He is responsible for creating the foundation for DSMA’s new data infrastructure, ensuring its integrity and quality while ensuring timely distribution. He extracts, cleans, and automates processes for raw data from various sources, works with IT to create a data warehouse and pipeline to data, and works with stakeholders to gather data requirements and build new self-service solutions, including reports and data visualizations. He also ensures the cybersecurity of the company and its data and defines the architecture of the data storage and access platform.

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