Wendy Durward

Director of Acquisition Management

Canada With over 25 years of automotive experience, Wendy joins the Dealer Solutions North America team as a seasoned executive who has a history of successfully leading dynamic teams to achieve significant growth and market presence. It is her keen understanding of corporate vision, insight into marketplace opportunities, strengths in building teams and instilling dedication to team success that has made her so effective.
Wendy has enjoyed a lengthy career with progressive growth in responsibility and challenge at Nissan Canada with a reputation for marketing innovative and luxury vehicles and delivering exceptional service to clients. Very early in her career, Wendy was a member of the start-up finance arm of Nissan Canada providing strong leadership throughout rapid industry change and business growth with the introduction of leasing and the processes for customer and vehicle remarketing. After over 10 years with the Credit company, Wendy moved to the marketing side for Nissan Canada handling all brand efforts for both Nissan and Infiniti in Canada where her first project was the launch of the X-Trail. Most recently, Wendy led Infiniti Canada to record sales in Canada and an expanded exclusive retailer network.
Outside of work, Wendy enjoys seeing theater productions, travel, and time with her family and their Portuguese Water dog in cottage country.

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