Chris Hawley

M&A Associate

Chris has over 30 years of experience in the dealership space, where he occupied various roles. He went from a Managing partner position, to Group Operations Director, to servicing dealers and as a trusted advisor/consultant. This unique background has allowed Chris to observe, analyze, assist, and partner with hundreds of dealers of all sizes and markets across the US. Whether it is improving profitability, processes, leadership capital, marketing, F&I, reinsurance, or acquisitions, Chris has a proven track record of executing excellent results. Outside of dealership experience and supporting dealers, Chris has also worked for eBay Motors, where he helped build an online re-marketing program from the ground up, as well as a assisted in listing services for classic and collector vehicles, as well as RVs and specialty vehicles. This experience allowed him to learn about online marketing and re-marketing, which he utilized to start consulting and building Internet departments and eventually BDCs, when they first became relevant. Chris also worked for Ally Financial as a Director of Sales for F&I development and income, as well as occupying the Regional Director of Reinsurance position for a decade. He is someone who has seen and experienced the automotive industry from all angles and enjoyed great success within it, thanks to his strategic mindset and ability to find a solution in the most complex and challenging situations.

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