Cody Cantu

M&A Associate

USA Southwest Cody Cantu is an automotive professional currently living and working in the Dallas, Texas area. He joins DSMA with over twenty years of experience working for both Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Cox Automotive’s Manheim division.

With a passion for problem solving, Cody is driven by providing solutions that move organizations forward. While at Toyota, Cody worked with dealerships to incrementally enhance market share, customer satisfaction and retention. At Manheim he focused on balanced operations, client satisfaction, and employee effectiveness.

Cody attended Washington State University where he completed degrees in International Business, Marketing and an Executive MBA.

Cody is excited to work directly with dealers again and looks forward to helping them make decisions in an informed, confident, and assured manner.

In his free time, Cody enjoys spending time with his wife Megan and 10 year-old daughter. His hobbies include golf, skiing, hiking, and playing drums.

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