Jody Henderson

M&A Associate

USA Central/West Early in his career, Jody Henderson who was producing high-impact radio/newspaper promotions for furniture dealers’ events was contacted by the owner of Colonial Chevrolet in Norfolk, VA who thought Jody’s concept would work for the automotive industry. At the time, Colonial Chevrolet was averaging 300 new & used vehicles per month… With this promotion, the dealer sold 165 vehicles in just 3 days! This launched Jody on a 25-year run of providing high-impact advertising events to franchised car dealerships.

In 1988, Jody, together with his father, formed AutoSell International, an Event Marketing enterprise to help auto dealerships all over the U.S. and Canada organize successful marketing events which operated for over 20 years.

After his father’s passing, Jody moved to Denver, Colorado and in 2015, he joined a national advertising agency to focus on auto dealers’ digital marketing strategies. Jody also worked with TECOBI, a lead generation company for auto dealers, specializing in Facebook marketing and text messaging. Subsequently, Jody joined Auto.Live, a company that has developed a cutting-edge software program to connect customers and dealers’ service departments to manage their communications during service appointments.

Throughout his diverse career, Jody remained close to auto dealers and their operations. Jody spoke at many 20 Group meetings, exhibited at the annual NADA show for 20+ years straight and produced national events for Hyundai Canada.

Jody Henderson’s 37 years of experience in the automotive industry allowed him to build many relationships with dealers in North America which makes him a great partner to bring sellers and buyers together in mergers and acquisitions transactions.

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