Jonathan Pumphrey

M&A Associate

Jonathan brings over 16 years of experience in banking and finance to DSMA, having honed his expertise across three distinguished financial institutions. A lifelong passion for automobiles, cultivated during his time in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, has seamlessly complemented his professional journey. In his 7 years preceding his arrival at DSMA in 2024, Jonathan distinguished himself in Dealership Finance, most recently serving as a Senior Relationship Manager. With a portfolio encompassing upwards of $1 billion in credit authorizations, Jonathan's leadership and strategic acumen were instrumental. His commitment to delivering unparalleled client experiences, coupled with innovative thinking, has been pivotal to his success. Jonathan boasts extensive proficiency in credit structuring, asset financing, real estate, construction finance, inventory management, and notably, Mergers and Acquisitions. Leveraging his comprehensive skill set, he has cultivated a robust network across British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, facilitating the acquisition of new clients and fostering enduring partnerships.

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