Kevin Christ

M&A Associate

Midwest, USA Kevin comes to us with over 25 years of automotive experience, having excelled in various roles within dealership operations throughout his career. His extensive dealership knowledge spans from the showroom floor to the service bay, uniquely positioning him to optimize all facets of the business. Rooted in a deep love for automobiles cultivated in his grandfather's garage, Kevin's journey started out in the car wash bays all the way to franchise ownership. This hands-on experience grants him a comprehensive understanding of the automotive landscape.

Known for resilience and adept problem-solving, Kevin has successfully navigated challenges throughout his career. Beyond his work life, he finds joy in family, friends, and his outdoor passions. A true automotive enthusiast, he channels his love for cars into hands-on projects and can often be found in his own shop, working away on his car collection. Kevin's journey, starting from the grassroots, is a testament to his commitment. His wealth of experience and genuine passion set him apart as a leader who not only comprehends but lives and breathes the automotive industry at every level. Needless to say, “The car business” is in his DNA.

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