Selling a dealership – DSMA
Kevin Leslie February 19, 2020

In my experience (and in the experience of some of my clients), there are unfortunately two prices you’ll get to sell your store. The first price usually comes from what I like to call the “lazy broker”.  This is the price that tells everyone “you are for sale” and is typically a higher price thatRead more

Kevin Leslie January 29, 2020

As a dealership owner, do you wonder why other owners sell their businesses? It’s a question I’m asked frequently. Based on Dealer Solutions extensive client database, here are the top 5 reasons business owners sell their dealerships: No succession plan or a successor is denied approval by manufacturer. This happens more times than not, especiallyRead more

Kevin Leslie January 28, 2020

It’s a simple question, would you let a vet fix your teeth?  Yes, No?  They are both doctors, right?  Ok, let me ask you another question, would you let a plumber fix the wiring in your house?  They are both maintenance experts, right?  I would hope that the answer you’re giving to both questions, isRead more

Maxime Theoret October 29, 2019

INTRODUCTION When it comes to appraising automotive dealerships, there are several unique nuances that come into play. Many industry-specific factors and conditions are to be considered, which all contribute to the value of the dealership’s Goodwill. Also commonly referred to as; “Blue Sky”, the Goodwill valuation of a business, is used to establish the valueRead more

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