DSMA Automotive Intelligence Report – 2023 Q3

We are delighted to present the DSMA Automotive Intelligence Report—an exhaustive analysis offering valuable insights into the current state of the automotive industry. Our dedicated team of experts has meticulously examined the latest trends and data to equip you with a strategic advantage.
Discover the evolving landscape of automotive brand values, and delve into the latest data by downloading our comprehensive DSMA Automotive Intelligence Report.

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Report Highlights:

  1. Goodwill Multiples Demystified: Gain a nuanced understanding of dealership valuations with a comprehensive breakdown of goodwill multiples for various automotive brands.
  2. Sales Volume Trends: Navigate the market landscape effectively with detailed insights into vehicle sales volumes by brand, providing a clear perspective on market dominance.
  3. Strategic Inventory Supply: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring detailed trends in inventory supply, enabling informed decisions and strategic positioning.
  4. Precision in Pricing Trends: Elevate your competitive stance with an exploration of new and used vehicle average price trends, providing crucial insights for strategic pricing decisions.

Access Your Roadmap to Success:

To download the DSMA Automotive Intelligence Report and elevate your strategic decision-making, click the link below:

Download your intelligence report here:

United States Report 

Canadian Report – English

Canadian Report – French




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