Author: John Chisholm, V.P. of Sales, Canada

There is no doubt that 2023 will be known as an era of change in the automotive industry. For dealers with their eyes on potential buy-sell opportunities, the shifts of the past year beg a crucial question: How will the 2024 market’s constant undulation shape their buy-sell strategy?

While it may be true that no one has a crystal ball, all signs certainly point to continued transformation. With 2024 poised to deliver another year of fluid conditions on the buy-sell market, choosing a trusted mergers and acquisitions partner is even more integral to succeeding in your buy-sell goals.

Dealers are ready to act in 2024

The market is certainly thriving— which is excellent news for dealers looking for the right time to complete their exit strategy or expand their portfolio. Across geographies, a trend of independent dealers ready to consider retirement results in timely opportunities for next-generation dealers looking to build upon the success of established rooftops.
Even with the ample opportunities on the horizon, though, buying or selling a dealership is, as the saying goes, easier said than done. Successfully acquiring or selling a dealership rarely works with a roll-the-dice plan or copy-and-paste approach.

People first, foremost and always

Regardless of their exit or acquisition goals, many dealers on the market share similar priorities: a high-quality investment or buyer, alignment in business values, a smooth buy-sell experience and a positive, mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved.
Since our inception in 2012, our central focus has been and will remain to be our clients and our team. We have redefined the role of a trusted M&A firm into a complete 360-degree partner, present with you through every step of your divesting or acquiring journey.

Considerations for a buy-sell in 2024

Over our years in business, not only has DSMA navigated the many fluctuations in the industry — we have thrived amidst them. And as we prepare to close the book on 2023, the continued success our team has delivered for dealers yet again this year reinforces our strong position to support a growing variety of dealers in 2024.
From single rooftops to dealership groups, and from automotive to heavy trucks, marine, powersports, commercial EVs, and more, DSMA has a proven track record across a full range of clients across North America:

  • 1700+ dealerships valuations: A precision valuation is a crucial first step which gives a vital foundation to any dealership buy-sell scenario. An inaccurate valuation can limit opportunities, alienate prospective buyers or sellers, and even lead to a failed transaction. Putting in the work upfront to ensure a superior valuation is key to DSMA’s commitment to providing the right match and a smooth, positive experience.
  • 98% franchise applications approved: As crucial players in the buy-sell process, OEMs hold immense power. Because their approval is required whenever a dealership enters new ownership, identifying a strong buy-sell match is instrumental to earning their approval. 98% of applications filed as part of DSMA-facilitated transactions earn the manufacturer’s approval, a true testament to our team’s expertise.
  • 425+ dealerships sold: Every dealership is unique, which means every buy-sell scenario is also unique. The 425 sales facilitated by DSMA have included dealerships both urban and rural, large and small, old and new, and of virtually all vehicle OEMs. This range of dealership client experience means DSMA is nimble at harnessing the unique, individual factors of your business to achieve your personal goals.

Staffing up to serve even more dealers

DSMA’s ongoing year-over-year growth has meant our team has expanded as well to ensure we can support even more dealers in 2024 with the exact same personalized, one-to-one experience our clients have come to know. It is no coincidence either that this growth has occurred across all departments. DSMA has brought on new team members, each expert in their respective specialties, across the full range of the M&A journey. In fact, in 2023 alone, DSMA has expanded our full-service team by 25%, with now over 50 team members — including seasoned pros in marketing, legal affairs, OEM relationships, and more — covering all of North America.
For dealers who choose to become DSMA clients, this means even more resources at their disposal, yet with the same personalized service and care that has earned the valued trust which their peers have placed in our company from the very start.

What to expect from your DSMA experience

DSMA’s 360-degree team includes legal experts, financial advisors, transaction managers, a marketing team, and more to provide dealers with a single trusted partner invested in their success. It starts with our team of “matchmakers,” who do the heavy lifting for you to identify targeted, relevant, and qualified buyers to successfully take over your business. From there, DSMA transaction team handles every step of the process — from due diligence, to licensing, to OEM approval, and more.

A partner to trust from start to finish

DSMA knows that by working with a single partner, dealers drastically reduce risk. This is why the firm combines multiple specialties in-house to ensure discretion and confidentiality for all parties involved.
To learn more how DSMA can support you in developing your entry or exit strategy, contact us now.


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