VMC expands its footprint across Canada and the US

VMC expands its footprint across Canada and the US

Celebrating the first of many open points

VMC’s presence is expanding by the day. The new electric trucks have taken the Canadian EV market by storm this year. As the exclusive strategic partner, DSMA hosted the first VMC drive experience in Vaughan this summer. The success of the event has lead to the opening of many new Canadian VMC distribution points by the end of 2024 and multiple dealers to be appointed in major metro markets across the country by 2025. VMC now begins the expansion of the brand in the US within the first quarter of 2024.

DSMA’s strategic partnership is already seeing fruitful results, in the form of the very first Canadian open point: the Lussier brothers committed on the distribution of 25 VMC 1200 trucks to service Saint-Hyacinthe and Montreal’s South Shore! Many to follow.

But first things first:

Who is VMC?

Vicinity Motor Corp (VMC) is among Canada’s most trusted companies for designing and assembling electric vehicles including trucks, buses, CNG, and low emission diesel buses. Starting out with regular buses in 2008, VMC developed their product line to now include transit buses, shuttle buses, and Class 3 and Class 5 trucks. Indeed, they translated their engineering expertise in electric buses and applied it to designing and building the first Canadian durable zero-emission Class 3 truck at a competitive price point.

Most recently, they started offering dealers the chance to partner with them in becoming Class 3 & Class 5 truck distributors across North America.

What are the benefits of becoming a distributor?

A partnership with VMC guarantees green exclusivity and additional services for you to promote and profit from. Indeed, we will show you how ensuring your dealership has the proper infrastructure to support and maintain electric trucks will put you at the top of the list of your region’s electric trucking needs.

Partner with us and become your region’s leading electric truck provider. By securing your position, you will bring true value to your clients by reducing fuel and service costs for their vehicle fleet.

Not only that, but the VMC1200 Class 3 truck is already qualifying for Transport Canada’s subsidy program for medium-duty zero-emission vehicles, helping distributors like you develop a network much faster – and for a fraction of the cost.

Indeed, VMC ensures a low distributor cost to entry with mandatory requirements sitting at much lower prices than what traditional OEM’s require (for example: no monthly fees for mandated programs – CSI, Website, Technology, etc.). Since there also are great margins on vehicles and parts, your days of profiting are closer than you think.

  • Partner with Vicinity Motor Corp: Lead in mid-sized electric, CNG, and low-emission diesel vehicles, holding 90% of the Canadian market share.
  • Expand Your Product Line: Access electric trucks leveraging VMC’s expertise, aligning with sustainability initiatives.
  • Access Exclusive Offerings: Partner with a premier electric truck manufacturer, demonstrating green leadership.
  • Gain Competitive Edge: Be among the first to market in Canada with zero-emission Class 3 trucks.
  • Establish Early Reputation: Position your brand as an innovative solution provider in the commercial sector.
  • Provide Value to Clients: Offer reduced fuel and service costs with eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Benefit from Subsidy Program: VMC1200 Class 3 trucks qualify for Transport Canada’s subsidy program.
  • Low Entry Costs: Experience minimal mandatory requirements compared to traditional OEMs, without monthly fees.
  • Enjoy High Margins: Maximize profitability with high margins on vehicle and parts sales.

Join Our Existing Network

Become part of our expanding network of distributors across Canada. We aim to establish 12 distributor points in key metro locations nationwide. Contact us for specific locations.

Current Onboarding Dealers:

  1. VMC St-Hyacinthe – St-Hyacinthe, QC
  2. Jack Carter VMC Trucks – Calgary, AB
  3. Shift EV Trucks – Toronto, ON
  4. Peninsula VMC Truck Centre – Milton, ON
  5. VMC Trucks Laval – Laval, QC

Join these leading dealerships as they align with Vicinity Motor Corp’s vision for sustainable transportation solutions.

What do you need to qualify?

The ideal distributor profile is a dealership with proven fleet sales experience and proven success in Class 3 & Class 5 truck sales to fleets and independent operators such as plumbers, landscapers, last mile delivery operators, and more. A qualified distributor should have a well-equipped facility that can charge and safely service VMC trucks. VMC will consider distributors that are not traditional commercial/fleet dealers who still have a proven sales track record and are willing to invest in and develop a fleet/commercial focus.

Let’s unleash that green potential together.

For more information on how to become a distributor, contact DSMA today.

Canada: Rick Kingdon

US: Peter Porteous



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