DSMA’s Legal Services mandate is to provide the highest standard in M&A
contract and document review services. Our team of licensed legal professionals offer unparalleled automotive industry expertise to ensure the accurate and efficient completion of acquisition or disposal transactions.

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Get your LOI right first
time with DSMA’s Submit
an Offer package.

The ‘Submit an Offer’ package provides an efficient, accurate, and inexpensive toolkit
to help you and your organization submit a formal Letter of Intent (“LOI”) offer for a
desired acquisition.
The Letter of Intent, in a mergers & acquisition context, is a written, non-binding
document that outlines an agreement in principle for the buyer to purchase the seller’s
business, stating the proposed price and terms. Besides detailing the price and
payment terms of the transaction, the LOI provides the opportunity to negotiate the
terms and conditions of the definitive purchase agreement. The value of a well drafted
LOI cannot be understated. A well drafted LOI may not only increase the likelihood of
having your offer accepted, but may also reduce the delays experienced by parties
having to negotiate and redefine terms.
DSMA will help you submit an offer, making sure your LOI is right first time.
Submit an Offer Package includes:
▪ A customized LOI template, including the core terms of the purchase and industry
specific provisions.
▪ A one hour consultation with your sales associate together with a licensed legal
professional to discuss the contents of your LOI template.
▪ Access to industry specific expertise to ensure the terms of the agreement are in
accordance with accepted industry standards and best practice policies.


Save time, money and
stress with DSMA’s
document services.

Merger and Acquisition transactions are complex processes, often involving hundreds
of corporate documents. The Due Diligence processes in commercial M&A refers to the
investigation, audit or review of these corporate documents to confirm all the relevant
details of the transaction are under consideration. Most often, this investigation is
performed through an examination of financial records and important legal documents.
Although the Due Diligence process may be complicated, it can often be simplified and
expedited through document review services.
The Document Review Services offered by DSMA summarize, highlight, and present
information in an organized and accessible manner to the relevant stakeholders. This
saves the purchaser, time, money and stress and ensures you are keyed in to the facts
you need to know.
Our team of experts will review and summarize key elements of transactional
documents such as:
▪ Employment Contracts
▪ Permits, Licensing and Franchise Agreements
▪ Intellectual Property Agreements
▪ Real Estate Lease Agreements.


Cross the finish line with
DSMA’s Purchase
Agreement Services.

A Purchase Agreement is the definitive contract that articulates the terms and
conditions agreed upon between the buyer and seller in an M&A transaction. The
definitive agreement can take the form of a merger agreement, share, or asset
purchase agreement. All forms of this definitive agreement will contain the defining
terms of the transaction including consideration, execution provisions, warranties,
covenants, and conditions to closing. As such, it is vital for both buyers and sellers to
ensure they have an experienced team overseeing the completion of this often
complex and heavily negotiated document.
DSMA will help you get across the finish line with our expert Purchase Agreement
Purchase Agreement services includes:
▪ Initial Purchase agreement template.
▪ Ongoing drafting services during the negotiation period.
▪ Access to our support team of industry leading Chartered Professional Accountants
during the due diligence period.
▪ Access to industry specific expertise to ensure the terms of the agreement are in
accordance with accepted industry standards, OEM requirements, and best practice