Maria Soklis joins DSMA as Executive Vice President, North America.

DSMA, a North American Automotive Intelligence and M&A Advisory Service, is delighted to announce that Maria Soklis, past President of Cox Automotive Canada, and Brazil, has joined DSMA as Executive Vice President, North America.

DSMA has undergone tremendous growth in North America over the last few years and as with any committed and successful business, we are looking inward to ensure we have the right tools and resources to continue to deliver, not only the current, but also the future industry leading professional services that DSMA is known for.

“DSMA is redefining what it means to be a Broker.  In fact, we’ve banned the word “broker” from our internal vernacular, because it’s simply too simple, too negative, and doesn’t reflect what we do anymore.”  Said Farid Ahmad, CEO and Founder of DSMA.  “We engaged with our clients and listened to what and how they want our business to work to best support them.  Those conversations have prompted us to invest heavily in support service functions that you simply don’t see at a traditional “brokerage”, such as legal, financial, marketing and process management.”

Maxime Theoret, DSMA’s Managing Partner said, “In the last 3 years, DSMA made the decision to shift our business focus and invest significantly in human resource and infrastructure. Thus, enabling us to deliver the services that our clients told us they wanted.  As such, we’ve grown from a team of 4 support employees in finance and marketing, to a team of 14 across all support departments. Our organization is now at 49 team members strong with 7 open positions.  With this growth in personnel, as well as the growth in traditional and non-traditional M&A business we’re seeing, we recognized that we need to add a highly experienced leader to help the executive team deliver the success we expect in the future.”

“DSMA has a huge opportunity to cement their position as the North American and Global leader in automotive M&A services.  I am very excited to be joining the company at a time of significant change.  Change for DSMA, but also the changes coming to the automotive industry.”  Said Soklis.  “I will be working to ensure the company navigates this period of industry transformation successfully and delivers the structured products and services a modern, agile professional services firm must deliver to stay relevant and at the top of their industry.”

Soklis has spent much of her career in the automotive sector, specifically on the OEM side of the business where she was COO of Kia Canada.  Soklis most recently held the position of President Cox Automotive Canada & Brazil. She is respected across the automotive industry, well awarded for her accomplishments, and noted for her humility and customer focus.

“We believe Maria will be a great fit with our team and an asset to our company, helping support us through this period of transformation and continued growth.”  Ahmad said.