Meet our new Quebec Associate, Melissa!


DSMA welcomes Melissa Samatas to its team of Quebec associates this week! With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, we look forward to the wealth of knowledge she will bring to the table. She will be working alongside Manon Messier, to help Quebec dealers with their buying and selling needs.

With the help of DSMA, her family business was sold in 2023.  She lived through the selling process and will be sharing her experience with you.  We’re delighted to have her with us!

We took the time to sit down with her to learn a little more about the firm’s latest team member.


Tell us a little bit about yourself – what brought you to work in this industry?

I was pretty much raised in it, as my parents owned dealerships growing up. Learning about this industry through my family business was invaluable and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!  I officially started working in one of our stores full-time after graduating from McGill University, where I studied commerce. Right before that, I made sure to get some sales experience, and even spent a few months in Japan teaching English! After that, I was ready to come back and fully focus my energy on the dealerships.

I worked in each department, then worked my way up in sales and process management. This is where I learned how to map out each process within a dealership’s operations and prepare for my next goal: becoming a General Manager. To do so, I started working towards earning my MBA – while still working at the dealership! While successfully completing my studies, I became the General Manager of one of our locations.

Since then, I have helped the business with opening new locations, and gained a lot of experience learning how to present to OEMs to acquire a franchise, and more. We have also sold the group since, a very large transaction of a leasing company, 4 Honda stores, and 1 motorcycle company, which I helped facilitate.

And I guess you could say I am never truly never done learning, as I am currently in school for my Master of Psychology!



What are your predictions for 2024’s automotive landscape?

I think the year ahead will be more balanced for both buyers and sellers. We’ll see post-pandemic difficulties diminish, as inventories and supply chains begin to stabilize. As for rising interest rates, I see the light at the end of the tunnel – they’ll peak, and we’ll finally see them come down.

OEMs are also striving to keep up the pace with new government legislations, while becoming more flexible and versatile in their response to electrification mandates – an interesting development to follow.

Finally, (enough about cars!) any hobbies you’d like to share?

Aside from going back to school, I am very passionate about spending time with my family. Any quality time I can spend with my husband and two kids makes my day brighter!

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