Cambridge Mitsubishi


“The both of you were instrumental in helping me acquire two stores over the past year and I wanted to say thank you. You profiled and located the ideal store in both cases, while the first transaction went smoothly the second did not which at no point was a result of your efforts. Once the dust settled you very quick to act and put that second deal back together which in looking back was a far better deal for me than the original transaction contemplated. Gentlemen you truly hustle and I really appreciate your tenacity for getting the job done. I would recommend Dealer Solutions Canada to any dealer that is looking to sell or buy a dealership.”

Tony Delgobbo, Dealer Principal, Cambridge Mitsubishi

“I wanted to write to you in order to express my thanks and appreciation for the work that you and Farid did on behalf of myself and Cambridge Mitsubishi. I have bought and sold many stores in the last 20 years and I have to say it was a much easier and professional process. From the beginning to the end you looked after many details often following up with either side to ensure we got to a closed transaction as quickly as possible. Once again, thank you.”

Amin Shamji, Past Dealer Principal, Cambridge Mitsubishi

Farid Ahmad

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • 416.844.5581

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