Haut-Richelieu Volkswagen


“We believe it is essential to share our experience of collaboration that we have experienced with Manon Messier and the team of Dealer Solutions North America (DSNA) / Groupe Conseil AutoCap Inc. After a long reflection and professional follow-up by DSNA (Manon et Maxime), we are very pleased to now be retired and will keep an excellent memory of this beautiful transaction.The evaluation of our company was carried out by DSNA in June 2017. We made the decision to sell our concession at the end of the year 2017. The transaction ended in August 2018.

The sales process (prospectus / potential buyers / intentions) as well as the entire process of the transaction until the final signature was explained in a remarkable way by Manon who followed the sales process with diligence until the end without pressure and with a clear understanding of the transaction. Everything was executed with our prior authorization. The confidentiality and integrity of the DSNA team is flawless. By your sincerity Manon, throughout the process, you have given us confidence until the closing of the transaction. In addition, you knew how to negotiate and discuss with us and the buyer so that everything was transparent and remained satisfactory for both parties.

We sincerely recommend anyone to use the services offered by Manon and the team DSNA / Groupe Conseil AutoCap. It is an excellent choice not to confuse the emotions and the pragmatism of the financial reality of the whole transaction so to ensure a good follow-up to the end.

If in the future we have another sale or purchase process we can assure you that we will go directly to DNSA and Manon.

We would like to thank DNSA for the support you have given us and the wise advice and knowing of this laborious operation.”

Claude Quintin, Past President, Haut-Richelieu Volkswagen

Manon Messier

Principal M&A Executive

Canada Quebec

  • 514.268.2569
  • manon.messier@dsma.com

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