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“I have been a dealer for over 42 years and it was very hard to come to the decision to sell our family business. I thought this would be a challenging, difficult and stressful transaction given the years I have operated the business. My main goal was to keep this strictly and completely confidential once I made the decision to sell I wanted a fast, clean and discreet sale.Arthur and Farid were particularly supportive and understanding. They delivered what they promised in the beginning and I sold the dealership much faster than I had even hoped for. If anybody is considering selling their dealership they have to use the team at Dealer Solutions Canada. They are ‘car people’ and understand my business and worked hard to uncover hidden profit opportunities to help me yield a fair price.”

Robert Ankner, Past President, Autohaus Orangeville

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"The sales process (prospectus / potential buyers / intentions) as well as the entire process of the transaction until the final signature was explained in a remarkable way by DSMA who followed the sales process with diligence until the end, without pressure and with a clear understanding of the transaction. Everything was executed with our prior authorization. The confidentiality and integrity of the DSMA team is flawless. Throughout the process DSMA have given us confidence until the closing of the transaction. In addition, DSMA knew how to negotiate and discuss with us and the buyer so that everything was transparent and remained satisfactory for both parties."

-Denis St-Pierre and Claude Quintin

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