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“Daniel had approached me to sell his store and we could not come to a deal so before I knew it, he had hired Dealer Solutions Canada to represent him. I met with Farid and laid out my rational and reasoning surrounding what I was prepared to offer. The DSMA team took the time to break down the business opportunity that Daniel had for sale. They showed me where my rational was not only incorrect, but where I had possibly been a little too harsh about the offer. I was surprised how long the approval process took, however the Dealer Solutions Canada assisted in getting the approval from Hyundai and helped to get the deal closed. Dealer Solutions Canada has a very professional acquisitions team. If you are thinking of selling I highly recommend you speak with them.”

Donald McClure, Dealer Principal, McClure Toyota

“I saw the Dealer Solutions Canada ad in Automotive News and I was very sceptical that they could help me sell because my store is located in a very rural French speaking town in New Brunswick. Instead of contacting Dealer Solutions I tried to sell it on my own. Very quickly I realized I needed a professional firm to assist me. Farid took the time to visit, meet with me and and got to know my town and the dynamics of my market. It took longer that I had hoped however they ensured the deal got across the finish line and they dealt with all the concerns at the manufacturer. To ensure the approval happened. Should you be contemplating a sale, I would highly recommend you take the first step and meet the team at Dealer Solutions Canada.”

Daniel Levesques, Past Dealer Principal, Rendez-vous Hyundai

Daniel Restrepo

Sales Support Specialist

Florida, USA

  • 516.376.3888

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