St. Clair Nissan


“I would like to acknowledge the team at Dealer Solutions Canada for their commitment and professionalism as experienced during our recent transaction in acquiring our most recent dealership. Our normal process was to handle any transaction ourselves from start to finish. This new experience allowed us to view the deal from a different perspective. Most importantly their experience having closed multiple deals gives them the ability to offer alternatives. They are not seen as the adversary whereas some sellers may misinterpret the purchaser’s intentions or they may simply see the purchaser as aggressive. Whatever the impression there now exits a buffer that can be critical in any negotiation process. They also have an opportunity in assisting the new operator with finding potential staff and helping those exiting the sold store as well. “

Mark Falkenberg, Dealer Principal, Willowdale Nissan and Infiniti

“When we decided to look at the possibility of selling our dealership, we initially talked to some prospects that the factory had introduced us to. Once we met with DSMA we quickly realized that we could benefit from their experience, professionalism and industry contacts. The team provided a structured approach that allowed us to consider more pre-qualified prospects that we were confident would, and did, complete a very business like, straight forward buy/sell. We highly recommend talking to Dealer Solutions Canada if you are considering selling your dealership.”

Mike Reinprecht, Past Dealer Principal, St. Clair Nissan

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