At DSMA, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and expertise to our valued clients. To achieve this goal, we have established strategic partnerships with leading organizations across various industries.
These collaborations allow us to provide seamless and comprehensive solutions which enhance the buy/sell experience for automotive dealers and related businesses. Our partnerships include:
We are proud to have joined forces with Legacy Automotive Capital, a prominent provider of tailored financial solutions exclusively designed for new car, RV, and truck-franchised dealerships. Through this partnership, we offer our clients access to expert financial services which align with their business objectives and support a smooth transaction process. LAC’s consultative approach ensures that every dealership’s unique needs are met, optimizing financial outcomes.
Legacy Automotive Capital (LAC) Logo

DSMA is a strong advocate for nurturing the next generation of professionals in the automotive industry. Our partnership with ABSC at Georgian College includes the DSMA Diversity Awards, supporting students who self-identify as female, Black, or Indigenous. By collaborating with ABSC, we aim to offer students industry-specific knowledge and hands-on experience, enabling them to thrive in their careers.

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